We Transform Plain Stairs Into Luxurious And Breathtaking Marble Staircases!

As home improvement specialists and stone design and installation experts, we can transform your staircase into a beautiful work of art.


We work alongside professional architects, designers and private clients to bring the natural beauty of stone to a house, an urban space or living area.


From simple, modern staircases to intricate custom-made cantilever (hanging) staircases for mansions, we can embellish your stairs with beautiful stone and marble using the latest cutting-edge machinery.


We source our natural stones from the respected Caesar Stone and Quantum Quartz brands.


We embellish the following stairs with luxurious stone:


• Straight-Run Stairs

• Hanging Stairs

• Winders

• L-Shaped Stairs

• U-Shaped Stairs

• Spiral Stairs

• Platform Stairs


We can also design decorative railings and even repair stone staircases.


Nothing can surpass the natural beauty of natural stone or marble, that’s why we specialise in embellishing staircases with high-grade stone. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to fix and install heavy blocks of stone safely in your house.


Our wide experience in the field of traditional and contemporary stonemasonry has allowed us to be involved early in the conception of a project, from stencilling and technical meetings to the design and installation of the finished stone into your home.


Our expert stonemasons are experienced in stair and railing anatomy, so we can also assist with totally unique and creative embellishments requiring patience and meticulous attention to detail.


Competitive Prices For Marble Staircases


Our pricing has been so competitive that in some cases, our natural limestone or sandstone could be used instead of the standard and less durable reconstituted stone for the same cost. We also provide great prices on marble and other luxurious stones.


As experienced stonemasons, we think that natural stone is a true symbol of wealth, luxury and beauty. However, working with stone requires a solid understanding of masonry principles required to use this durable, heavy and solid material as a decorative or structural, intricately unique piece of art.


Diamond Marble Granite stonemasonry artisans have this unique level of stone mastery, knowledge and passion. We don’t just beautify staircases – we create luxurious sculptures of timeless and functional art.


If you have more questions about our services or if you’d like to book a free quote vanities contact us via our contact form or call 1300 501 737.



Every Diamond piece is completely unique

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